• Original art produced during free dance performance together with choreographer Shirley Batista.


    Mixed media on canvas

    31,5x47,2x1,5 inches (80x120x4cm)


    Frame not included


    Packaged and shipped in a tube package, without chassis


    • the feeling that should move all actions. love. overflowing in your skin what you have deep inside as the real you. express yourself. put it out.

      10 years without one of my biggest passions. the dance. connection of souls. I found Shirley Baptist. dancer, choreographer, teacher. also for years with the dance hidden in the chest.

      at a regular dinner, a call. what if we joined dance and painting? and what if we joined dance, painting and magic in a space created by us, free from any judgment, free from any technique. just us, the music, paints and letting go. allow yourself. without thinking. just move.

      at a regular dinner, we create our own IMMERSION. we left the scene. that self of days, shaped by years of constant observation, went for a walk. and while we went around and around the axis itself, we unbalanced, we got rusty, we went.

      because we are.

    • - Always handle with clean and dry hands.
      - Frame in specialized stores. If possible, for the Arts on paper, choose the option with passepartout, he is a great ally in protecting your Art.
      - Keep the Work in a dry and oxygenated place (with air exchange). Do not install in locations with direct sunlight and / or humidity.
      - When cleaning, use only a soft cloth or duster to remove dust. Always lightly, without creating friction with the painting. Do not use chemicals or water.
      - From time to time, remove the Work from the wall to allow oxygenation and access of the light at the back of the painting, in order to avoid the creation of mold or moisture, as well as the permanence of insects / moths ...


      Important: remember to always contemplate your Art :)